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The Sum Of All Your Dreams
Before Description
Sum Of All Your Dreams was based on a particularly nasty character MPD who kept his haven in Pentridge where he enjoyed psychologically torturing his victims using Nightmare and various other.. unpleasant techniques. He wanted the Melbourne Court to destroy him and so committed more and more heinous acts. The forbidding Pentridge Prison (even though it's now being converted into units) was a fitting location and inspired this picture.

It is a little hard to see but the odd light shadow between the two watchtowers are the gallows where the last man in Australia was hanged - inside Pentridge. The screaming faces are obvious imagery and whilst I have nothing against and little fear of snakes, spiders, centipedes, etc (in fact, I find them rather interesting creatures) they are the stereotypical creatures of nightmares.

This chronicle I seem to have been driving at a rather more surreal look than with my pictures of the Masquerade era. I feel this one, with Andrew (the player of the character and model in this photo) larger than life against the doors, the 'cut-out' sort of look to the prison, captures the dark fantasy aspect to the game, as indeed this character seemed to portray.

Luckily enough this picture ended up much as I wanted to without too many problems. I aimed for just enough colour to show that it was a dark, colourless world, not a black and white picture.