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Profile: Nil


The original photo for this was taken by the offical photographer for Noctis 2005. It so epitomised my character that I had to use it. It was actually the picture that inspired the Profile series of pictures. Once I got rid of the dead space in the picture, it seemd almost to me a surveillence photo and it occurred to me that it would be ironic to have a pic like this of a character that is usually the one performing the surveillence.

The original photograph had good clean colour and I messed that up a bit because Nil is not a good, clean character. She's dirty and manky. The blue colour just seemed right and not too crisp or sharp like the white for a character who likes dark corners. Other than that the main the only other thing I really had to do with the picture was edit out the tag I was wearing. Whilst the piece of paper in my hand is a character sheet, I left it there because I felt it fitting an info broker would be holding a piece of paper!