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Profile: Aloysius Culpepper
Before Description
The idea of the profile shots was to be able to do fun, informative pictures of the characters in Adelaide. These shots are meant to convey the character as they are often seen during play, leaving me able to explore other aspects of the characters in the bigger projects, the side you may not necessarily see but suspect. The over-arching feel is to be that of a silent observer of the vampires, cataloguing the members of court. The background was quite fun to do. The texture I used on the paper was that of blobs of bloody meat.

It should be noted as well that with all the pictures in the Profile Series that the information on them was accurate at the time the photo was done. At this point in time, Aloysius isn't Sheriff of Adelaide but Whip of the Western Confederacy. I'm hardly going to change the photos everytime someone's position changes in court - and that can be an almost session-by-session occurrence for some characters!

This was almost a throw-away shot. During the photo shoot for Southern Justice, Kristian suggested this pose, just for a character picture for the domain's website. This picture only took about four hours to complete, from cutting out of the original image to flattening the layers of the final - and, I feel, turning out a far more effective picture of Aloysius than Southern Justice.

I went for a very old style, sepia-toned look, almost as though it was taken in the nineteenth century, ragged and old. I especially like the 'wanted poster' feel and it certainly conveys the threat that many characters and NPCs have experienced from Aloysius' two pistols. I reddened the eyes because I thought that the picture needed that splash of colour and I think it works to good effect.