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Black Russian, Hold The Kaluah
Before Description
Black Russian was a player's request - something I don't do very often, especially these days. I had an idea for a picture and when I put it to Craig (player and model) he said he wanted a picture of his character coming out of a lake in Russia at night, or something like that. I can't even remember what it was that I originally had thought of for this ex-KGB deadly assassin character. I find pictures where the concept is not my own very difficult to do as there has been no internal inspiration, people can be very demanding about what they want and I can't see inside their heads so generally noone is happy with the end result (and I object to be doing told what to do with my own artwork). Though I think this isn't too bad and after all is very indictive of this particular character. The Moira is a dark character steeped in shadow and danger. For this I tried to make him 'blend' as much as I could with the shadowed background but ended up putting a slight lighter, diffused halo around him else he was completely lost in the picture. The village on the other side of the lake I put in to remind viewers of innocence. There are normal, ordinary people sitting inside with their families, their woes, their hopes, watching television, reading books, going to sleep without fear whilst a deadly monster of the night stalks their land. The house on the hill (no it's not on fire, but I kinda like the effect of 'is it on fire or is it the warm glow of the aristocracy?') whilst not applicable during the era when the Morai would have been in Russia, still gives that sense of the manor on the hill, lording it over the village. This can be taken in two ways - the Morai who probably was against such aristrocracy or the monster that lives in the castle on the hill - you choose! The hardest part of the picture, as with most pictures, was getting all the elements to blend together but I think it turned out quite effectively.