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Chapter House
What can I say? This pic bugs me. I don't exactly know why. It has everything I wanted of it - The Keeper, a recluse, father-figure of an Ordo Dracul Nosferatu, squirrelled away in the Chapter House over a tomb at his deks surrounded by occult items and a map of the leylines in the background on the wall. But something about it makes me feel like I've regressed in skill. I really can't put my finger on it. Maybe cos the elements don't blend nicely enough but fiddling with the contrast, if I made them the same contrast you couldn't actually see them. The lab I wanted as a real contrast, bright, white and sterile, another popular side to the Dragons from the dank occult dungeons. For the floor and wall I used lots of different textures, including cracked cement to get the right lines and weatherred look. The door was a standard closed door which after much stuffing about I got at the right perspective to look as though it fit in the door frame but open enough to reveal the laboratory it led to. I used a neon filter for the leylines on the map of Australia. though my intention was to make the leylines glowing it just didn't work out that way. The left brazier worked out much better than the right but ended up leaving the right one as I couldn't have them both identical. That would just look silly. I think perhaps it is the shadowing on the desk that most lets this picture down but believe me, I spent far too much time trying to get it just right. Still, the picture isn't hiddeous, it shows what it was meant to and whilst it bugs me, I still kinda like it.