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Yes I Killed Treads, What's Your Point?
Before Description
This is my first, and so far only, non-Vampire roleplaying peice. It's of a Werewolf Storm Lord (I apologise, I can't remember the auspice). The pic was taken just after a session where he killed a major NPC, Treads Bloody Snow using lightening. This was a very tricky picture to do. First of all, and more obviously, the weaponry and ammunition was very difficult to look as though it "belonged" there. This mean trying to get proportions, shadowing and contrasts right. In some cases I was successful and in others not so much but not enough to remove them entirely from the picture. The other very tricky aspect was the lightening running across Flatline's hands.

I kept the background that the original picture was taken because it seemed to me very fitting; a real urban warrior in every sense of the word. There were a few reasons I went with black and white for the main picture. The lightening in colour doesn't look nearly as good and striking as it does in black and white. The weapons look more as though they belong where they are and it gives the picture and over all grittier feel which is what I was after for this powerful "don't give a rat's what you think" alpha. In this before and after picture I've given you the colour final so you can see and decide for yourself which is better.