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Southern Justice
Southern Justice was a big undertaking for me. I hadn't before actually planned out something quite so complicated. To be honest it ended up taking only half the time I actually expected it to but there are little bits and pieces on it I'm still not overly happy with, such as there is nothing at all reflected in the mirror, and the bottom of the fade out is too square and the front boot I was never able to look as though it "belgoned" in that room. Occassionaly accidents will happen to great effect and I was particularly pleased that the fireplace flames look as though they could be a camp fire in the forest.

What I was aiming for however with this picture was to show two aspects of Aloysius Culpepper, a very active and important character in Adelaide's Camarilla Requiem game, as well as two sides of the Confederate officer - both hard-nosed soldier and a refined gentleman. There is also the suggestion that it may be before and after embrace; the forest scene (to represent guerilla fighting such as the Bushwhackers undertook) is obviously during the day, and the scene in the sitting room could easily be in the evening and is it wine or blood he's drinking?

One of the trickier aspects of this photo was I only had one replica pistol to work with (an 1840-something calvary pistol if anyone's interested) which meant getting Kristian (my model and player of the character being illustrated here) to stand in the exact same pose whilst I swapped hands with the plastic gun and replica, then splice the images so it looked like he had a real gun in both hands. I was aiming for the forest scene, in contrast to the serene sitting room image, to be a flurry of activity and almost desperation but I simply couldn't quite seem to express that dynaniscim in the picture and unfortunately the water drops didn't show up so I also managed to lose that look of haunted fight for survival that American Civil War soldiers are reported to have had. If nothing else I believe I was at least able to convey comfort and warmth contratsting with cold discomfort.

It didn't turn out nearly as well as I had hoped but I'm still reasonably pleased with it.

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