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Requiem Over Melbourne
When this picture was taken, Fenris Black had just taken praxis of Melbourne. What I wanted with the final result was a visual representation of the power and arrogance of the Daeva Invictus, the well-to-do who rule over an entire city in secret by night which is why I chose to set this on a balcony overlooking Melbourne.

The two depicted here, Fenris Black and his childe Ella do make a lovely couple and Sharyn (player and model for Ella) is stunning and thin as a rake and the dress she was wearing gorgeous but this particular pose did her no justice which is why I cut them off at the waist and 'shaved things down a bit' for the final. One of the most difficult parts of this picture however was that my camera is very cheap and gave Jason (player and model for Fenris) blotchy skin (which I shall add he doesn't have in real life) and had to do the age old balancing act that I often have to do with my pictures of smoothing out the skin without blurring it or their facial features, then getting the rest of their exposed skin to match what I've had to do on the face. I couldn't get a nightsky scape of Melbourne so manually added in the stars in various stages of opacity to give it a dusk feel. I decided not to dim down the light glare on Ella's tooth as whenever I tried it greyed out too much and I rather think it gives the photo some more depth and a more realistic feel. And what's wrong with a little tang or bling, after all?