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Profile: The Keeper
Before Description
I've been stuck on this profile for what seems like forever. At first I had this great idea to set him in a dank, dark tunnel. Until I remembered that's what I'd planned for the portrait - Chapter House. Then I thought that it'd be great to have The Keeper, given that he's an elder monk, in a piece of stained glass window. After months of trying different techniques to acheive this I gave up on it. But I still kept coming back to the original picture and trying other things - over and over again. The profile pics are meant to be quick and fun. This was frustrating! I tried all manner of things before it struck me - can't be hard to show him illustrated on a piece of illuminated manuscript. Okay, the monks were drawn quite differently by contemporary authors/artists but I wont tell if you don't. The refreshing thing about this picture was I didn't need to make The Keeper as though he 'belonged' in any background because it's meant to be two dimensional! All I did to make the Keeper look illustrated was to run a Photoshop filter over it but I can't for the life of me remember exactly which one. Paint Daubs, maybe? The edges of the manuscript, to look aged and slightly curled, I just did as a darker layer on top with a diffuse black brush and adjusted the opacity until I had the right effect. So it looked like a piece of stolen manuscript sticky taped onto the paper, I put another layer underneath the manuscript, darkened it to black, blurred it slightly until I had a pasted on look. I'll admit the Keeper doesn't look quite right but after the amount of frustration I've had with this Profile picture, as far as I'm concerned it will do. Heh, and I reckon it doesn't look too bad, after all.