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What Man Was Not Meant To Know
Before Description
Simon Watts, player and model for Dr Azoth, the character depicted here, won one of my pictures printed and framed of their choice and their choice of their own characters in a raffle during one of our premium weekends. This picture is the result. I doubt this is anything like what the player was imagining but it is nigh on impossible to produce exacts of what people are after. I was really worried about how what the player described he wanted would look but I'm pretty thrilled with how it ended up. More than once I've had people express surprise that this is a photo, not a painting. I'm glad the belt remained so "normal-looking" as that really gives it away and contrasts nicely with the rest of the photo. The stony effect was merely done by removing the colour information and then inversion. I never would have suspected it would turn out to look like this! The flame is a stock standard Photoshop filter but I'm surprised at how well it turned out. The real shame is that at any lesser size or resolution, all detail of the flame is lost and it looks almost childishly done. The background was simply done with difference clouds. Good old difference clouds - so simple, so basic and so effective when used properly. The alchemical symbols I did by a sharp white symbol overlayed with a diffusely blurred symbol then reducing opacities until I had the effect I wanted. Originally I was dreading doing this picture when I was given the specs for it but it's become one of my favourites.